Dedicated product management software helps you build better products

Empower your product team to make the most impactful decisions.

A product manager looking at product management software

Manage user feedback, prioritize feature development, create a product roadmap, and manage your changelog

Customer feedback organized in Canny's feedback management tool

Organize all feedback in one product management tool

No more product feedback scattered across multiple channels.

  • Organized feedback means you can actually use it to inform product strategy
  • Get clarification on feedback to better understand customer needs
  • Filter through the noise by using boards, categories, tags, and post owners
Customer profiles and user behavior within Canny

Understand exactly what your users want

Product planning works best when you understand customer needs and pain points.

  • Know exactly which customer requested what and accurately judge impact
  • See what matters to specific customer groups using user segmentation
  • Use cases and additional clarity are neatly stored on a single Canny post, allowing you to easily scope new features
Product management teams can prioritize features and build a roadmap

Prioritize work and build a product roadmap

Make sure you’re working on the highest priority projects.

  • Score and rank feature requests and tasks based on impact, so you know you’re working on the most important things
  • Add projects to your roadmap to keep everyone on the same page
  • Integrate with your existing project management tools like Jira and GitHub
A list of tasks under review, planned, and in progress in Canny

Keep stakeholders in the loop

Product managers are responsible for communicating decisions to important stakeholders.

  • Communicate progress with status updates and include ETAs
  • Publish entries to your changelog to ensure people are aware of your new features
  • Pull in specific stakeholders with internal comments
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The best software companies are customer-driven. Join these awesome teams who use customer feedback to build great products.
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Product teams from industry-leading companies count on Canny

GiveButter maintains a roadmap driven by customer feedback

We want to let customer feedback really drive our roadmap. Not only on small enhancements and changes, but also on our major features. Canny gives us a strong sense of what customers want – both on the big picture features and “quality of life” ones.

Jesse Sandala

Jesse Sandala

Director of Product, GiveButter

Ahrefs developed a community-driven product development process

If you're getting a lot of feedback and a big chunk of your time goes into discussing requests. If you have a hard time figuring out which features you should build next. If you want your product development to be community-driven. Canny is an awesome tool. I'm sure you'll love it.

Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo

Chief Marketing Officer, Ahrefs

Strapi's product team simplifies user research and uncovers valuable product data

Product managers now have more context. We shortened the discovery time. Sometimes we don't even need to send surveys anymore because we have enough people to interact with. We can comment and engage with them when they share their use case.

Aurélien Georget

Aurélien Georget

Chief Product Officer, Strapi


  • Glad you asked! Canny is product management software. It has all the tools product managers need. They can manage user feedback, prioritize feature requests, plan their roadmap, and publish a changelog.

    Feedback management is central to our tools. We make it easy to collect user and customer feedback and organize it on easy-to-use feedback boards.

    Canny is also a collaboration tool. Users can:

    • Add new feature requests to your feedback boards
    • Comment, vote, and interact with other users and your team.

    This helps you understand your customer needs and user behavior. And you can build a better product!

  • Yes! We integrate with many popular product management tools, project management software, and communication tools. That includes Jira Software, GitHub, ClickUp, Linear, Azure DevOps, Asana, Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Segment, Make, Pebbly, Integrately, and Google Analytics.

    Check out our integrations page for more details on these.

  • Not exactly. While we do offer many tools that project managers find valuable, we're not a dedicated project management tool like Jira, GitHub, ClickUp, Asana, etc. We integrate with project management tools though! This helps you ‌handle planning and task management easily. That said, our product management tools can make a project manager's life easier.

  • We have plans to fit every company's needs! Our Free plan gives you all the essentials: product feedback management, a product roadmap, changelogs, and more.

    Our Growth and Business plan provide additional tools and integrations for the product team that needs more functionality.

  • Yes! All our plans include unlimited contributors. You can invite whoever you want to join your Canny account.

    Many clients have admins and contributors from their product team, development team, design team, and customer success team.

    Collaboration is easy! You can easily comment and tag each other on any feature requests you're working on.

    Plus, with our Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, you get notified as soon as a team member mentions you.