Feature request software helps you make informed product decisions

Understand what your customers want so you can build the most impactful features.

Three product managers thinking about feature request management

One dedicated location for feature request management

Feature requests organized in a central Canny board

All feature requests in one organized place

No more feedback scattered across spreadsheets and conversations.

  • Organized feature requests means you can actually use them to inform product decisions
  • Reach out to everyone with the same request and enable discussion
  • Close the feedback loop with automated updates
Add feedback on behalf of your customers via different sources

Track feature requests where your users are

Easily capture new feature requests to ensure nothing gets missed. Manage feature requests manually or use one of our integrations.

  • Break down silos between teams; sales and marketing should work in harmony with product
  • Set up a feedback board and embed it in your site or app
  • Integrate with customer support tools to let your reps capture customer feedback on behalf of users
  • Integrate with your CRM to enable your sales team to capture customer requests while selling
  • Create a single feature request collection process across the whole team
User profiles in Canny let a product manager see who made a feature request

Identity is key

Not all customers are created equal. It's important to know who is giving you feedback.

  • Make decisions based on the requests from your target segment and customer needs
  • Keep track of product feature requests needed to close specific deals
  • Users don’t need to log in to give feedback—Canny manages this automatically
Canny detects existing feature requests so your customers don’t create duplicates.

Avoid duplicates with feature voting

Canny automatically detects if a requested feature already exists in your portal. If it does, customers can add their feature upvote and leave comments on the existing request.

Comment on posts in Canny to solicit additional feedback or gain clarity

Empower your product team

Let product managers see all incoming requests, respond to them, prioritize them, and then communicate progress to stakeholders.

  • Discover new product feature requests based on what users actually want
  • Build product improvements based on feature upvotes and community engagement
  • Prioritize ideas and add them to a public roadmap to keep customers updated on your progress

Thousands of companies make managing feature requests easy with Canny

Document360 manages huge numbers of incoming feature requests with Canny

When we started to see phenomenal growth, the number of feature requests dramatically increased. We couldn’t manage it. What’s more, we couldn’t keep our users updated. That's when we turned to Canny.

Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar

Founder, Document360

Missive drives product improvement by centralizing feature requests

Having that central repository of feature requests is super valuable. This repository becomes a decision making tool for the roadmap. It’s also a way to brainstorm about new things and new features.

Philippe Lehoux

Philippe Lehoux

CEO, Missive

GiveButter improves customer satisfaction by building the features they care about

Canny gives us a strong sense of what customers want – both on the big picture features and “quality of life” ones. The latter makes customers’ daily usage of GiveButter easier and more efficient.

Jesse Sandala

Jesse Sandala

Director of Product Management, GiveButter

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The best software companies are customer-driven. Join these awesome teams who use customer feedback to build great products.
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  • Our feature request form automatically suggests similar requests to your users based on what they write. That lets them:

    • Add their votes to the existing feature request
    • Discuss it with other users (and your team)
    • Add their suggestions
  • Nope! We offer a range of product management tools that help you build better products. Managing customer feedback and feature requests is a huge part of our offering. But we also offer tools that let you manage your product roadmap, changelog, and release notes.

  • We offer multiple ways to help you capture every product feature request. First, you can easily create a feature request board where users can add ideas, upvote feature ideas, comment, etc. You can either embed your board in your site or link to it.

    Encouraging users to visit your board to add ideas is a great way to get product feedback.

    We also offer integrations that help you collect feature requests in your other tools. For example, you can integrate with your CRM so that salespeople can add feature ideas directly in the CRM. You can also do this with customer support tools like Intercom; reps can add new ideas (or upvote existing ones) on behalf of customers directly in this tool.

  • It's software that handles all aspects of feature request management:

    • Collection
    • Analysis
    • Management
    • Prioritization
    • Scheduling
    • Sharing product updates

    Tools like Canny connect to your other systems. That includes:

    • Customer support software
    • CRMs
    • Project management tools

      This helps to capture and visually showcase feature requests across your entire ecosystem.