Canny is a focused, modern Aha alternative

Aha wasn’t designed for user feedback. Canny was.

Aha Ideas is a user feedback afterthought. We built Canny because we know the importance of having an easy to use (but powerful) tool to collect, manage, and track user feedback.

A feedback board in Canny, an Aha alternative, displaying users’ feature requests

Quick look: Why people prefer Canny over Aha Ideas

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Only the features you need

We’ll integrate with your existing workflow and allow other tools to do their jobs.

Feature bloated

Half the battle is figuring out which features you want to turn on.

Simple, straightforward design

Our widgets embed seamlessly into your product.

Outdated user interface

Their widgets will look out of place in your slick app.

First class support

You won’t need us often but when you do, we’ll be here.

Poor support

Are you a top tier customer? No? Looks like you’re on your own.


We have plans that work for early startups through enterprise. Try it now.

Complicated plans

You're charged per user, per product, and it's tough to see what you'll actually pay.

"We evaluated a number of different feedback solutions and Canny was the clear winner. It was simple to configure, connect to Jira, Slack, Zendesk and Salesforce, and open to our entire team. It has not only helped us organize feedback, but it has deepened our connection to customers."

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Chris Jones

Chief Product Officer at Amperity

Canny compared to Aha Ideas

Aha’s core focus is roadmapping software. It works well as a roadmap tool.

But, Aha’s feedback management feature, Aha Ideas, was added as an afterthought.

With Ideas, collecting and managing user feedback is an add on. So, it’s not as easy to use or baked into the tool.

Your options are limited with Aha Ideas. They integrate with fewer tools, so it's harder to capture feedback. They don't offer good tools for managing duplicate feedback. It’s confusing for your customers to use (which means less feedback for your team).

To put it bluntly, Aha is a product management software trying to do user feedback on the side.

Canny is a product management tool built around the idea that user feedback is vital. It’s not an afterthought; it should inform your roadmap and product decisions.

"The fact that I can engage directly with product and engineering on feedback and deployment is HUGE."

Photo of Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Chief Product Officer at Amperity

Feedback is the backbone of our tool, not a tacked-on feature.

Canny’s pricing is more cost-effective than Aha Ideas pricing

On the surface, Aha Ideas and Canny cost about the same.

At the lowest tier, Aha’s pricing is $59 a month, paid annually ($74 for month-to-month). Canny offers a generous Free plan. Both Canny and Aha offer scaled plans for larger businesses.

But, Aha charges per seat. So, only one product manager (or another team member) will be able to use Aha and take advantage of Aha Ideas.

With Canny, 5 admin seats are included in your plan, and you can have unlimited free "contributor" admins. With Aha Ideas, each contributor requires a paid seat.

Keep in mind – Canny also includes tools for managing your roadmap and release notes. Everything you need to close the feedback loop. With Aha software, you have to pay for each of those tools separately. Per tool, per user.

Your costs can rapidly increase if you invite your whole team to Aha.

Canny’s pricing is straightforward and offers more value. You can sign up with one of our self-serve plans right away — no need to chat with our team (unless you want to).



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More details and custom pricing options available

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Need a demo, or pricing that’s tailored to your specific needs? You got it. We’re standing by—you’ll be able to hop on a call with our team and discuss your options.

What integrations does Aha Ideas have? What about Canny?

Both Canny and Aha integrate with the tools you already use. Since Aha is an older tool that’s been around for a long time, it has a lot of integrations.

But, Aha’s integrations are built for their roadmapping tool specifically—not for Aha Ideas. While Aha integrates with a lot of tools overall, Aha Ideas doesn’t.

We already have many integrations with the tools you know and love. And we’re always adding new integrations!

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You can learn more about Canny’s integrations here.

Canny customers and use cases

Aha Ideas can work if you’re a big company that’s already using Aha for product management.

But, if you’re interested in truly making the most out of customer feedback and integrating it into your product management process (rather than adding it on as an afterthought), Aha Ideas just isn’t the best option available.

Because Canny is a flexible, reliable, and customizable solution, we have customers all the way from 2-person startups to billion dollar companies like CircleCI and Mercury.

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How Mercury found a drastic improvement in efficiency and productivity

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And, Canny isn’t just for collecting feedback from customers. Internal teams also use it to link user feedback to their product roadmap and announce feature updates.

Switching to Canny from Aha Ideas

Currently an Aha customer? Many of our customers made the switch from Aha to Canny—so many that we've automated the whole process.

Switch to Canny, the Aha Ideas alternative, with free data migration

Switching is easy and free. We can migrate all of your data from Aha to Canny within 48 hours. Reach out to us to get started.

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